We only used the highest quality natural products in the salon and these products are also available for purchase in our shop.

We offer a fantastic product range that use only the finest ingredients:



Mini U


Original Sprout

original sprout shampoo
Original Sprout Shampoo
£ 13.99
original sprout deep conditioner
Original Sprout Deep Conditioner
£ 14.99
original sprout hair & body wash
Original Sprout Hair & Body Wash
£ 15.95
original sprout leave-in conditioner
Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner
£ 17.5
original sprout curl calmer
Original Sprout Curl Calmer
£ 10.5
original sprout miracle detangler
Original Sprout Miracle Detangler
£ 12.95
original sprout styling balm
Original Sprout Styling Balm
£ 11.95
original sprout hair gel
Original Sprout Hair Gel
£ 10.5
mini-u dynamite detangling spray
Mini-U Dynamite Detangling Spray
£ 5
mini-u curly locks curl activator
Mini-U Curly Locks Curl Activator
£ 5
mini-u hydrating shampoo
Mini-U Hydrating Shampoo
£ 5
mini-u hydrating conditioner
Mini-U Hydrating Conditioner
£ 5