The Mad House

Our salon splits into two wonderful rooms. Our first room is for Children up to 6 years old, it is bright and light and full of weird and wonderful sights for the kids.

Would your child like to sit in their very own plane to have their haircut? Or maybe Disney’s Frozen is still all they can talk (and sing) about! We have a superb choice of five pedal chairs including Disney’s Frozen car, a cool shark plane and a fire truck all raised up in front of individual mirrors. Each chair also comes with its own flat screen TV to keep them occupied while the stylists work their magic!


Our second room is for Children over 6 as well as mums and dads.  It provides larger comfy seats, flat screen TV’s.  For bigger kids there is a choice of playing the latest video games or watching their favourite DVD. We have two of these side by side so that they can be enjoyed by brother's/Sister's, or parent's and Child together.